Around the year 1896, the Rockwood Christian Alliance Fellowship would travel from home to home holding prayer services.

On March 9, 1944, a deed to two lots located on East Broadway Streets in Rockwood, Pennsylvania were transferred from the property of Joseph D. Snyder’s executor. Earl Robert Filters, to the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, The church was built in 1945 by the labors of the families of the congregation. The founding pastor. Rev. Daniel A Breegle bought a large double house on Water Street using the lumber to build the church. as dedicated August 19. 1945, free of debt. The church was built as a result of cottage prayer meetings which were conducted in the homes.

Its altars have had many who turned to God and sought Jesus Christ as their saviour. Their motto has always been “Help others no matter who they are; rich or poor, nor whatever church they may belong to for Christ came to seek and to save those who are lost.”
Church services were held in the church up until November 28. 1962, when the congregation bought a church in the center of town from the Evangelical United Brethren Church on West Main Street. The congregation w as increasing in size and needed a larger facility to house its people.

The former church, owned by the Christian Alliance congregation, was purchased by Fred and Doris Jean (Weimer) Welsh and was eventually converted into their home.

In past years, the congregation has almost doubled. Sunday services were becoming too crowded to meet the seating demands for all church-goers.

On July 1, 2000. the Rockwood Historical Society took over the ownership of the old church buildingwith plans to convert it into a museum.

During the period between when the old church was sold and the new church opened its doors, the congregation held its services temporarily in the Rockwood High School auditorium. The church had approximately 70 members. The new church building opened in March of 2003 The new church facilities are located at 438 Harvest Drive just outside of Rockwood. Current pastor Rev. Patrick Walsh said, “We are so grateful for our new church building.”

Member Dave Breckenridge and his wile Laverne donated work to install a kitchen as well as area carpets in some of the offices of the 6.500 square-foot building.

Tim Brant, building chairman, donated all of his free time to the project.

The first official service w as held March 14 through March 19. 2003, with special music, adult and children’s choir and guest musicians, a Bible-based message and fellowship.

The church dedication was held on March 16. with the Rev, Palmer Zerbe, district superintendent; Dr. Donald Weidman, church planting director; Dr. Randy Fagan, featured pianist; and Robert Fugate, a missionary from Chile were the guest speakers.

From this Rockwood Christian and Missionary Alliance Church two brothers have entered the ministry. They were the Rev. Jack Chester Hay and the Rev. James Frederick Hay, sons of Mr. and Mrs James Hay of Somerset.